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How to Install Acapella from PicPlayPost for PC:

Want to make good-looking videos while you sing? Where you don’t have to go through multiple editing options to pop up the video! Acapella from PicPlayPost for PC is here to help you in this situation! As it provides an easy way to create amazing Cappella videos. Evaluate your performance by trying multiple instruments and creating jams and harmonies. If you don’t want to try this app on your mobile, we have a way you can use it to install it on your PC.

You can also collaborate with your friends and see who is making better videos. Then you can share those videos with anyone over the web. To show everything, you have the option to make up to 9 frames and share different angles with viewers. However, the longer the video is, the more time it will take to render the video. Without further ado, let’s continue to install Acapella from PicPlayPost on a Windows PC and see how it works.

A Quick Guide:

  1. Let’s finish this guide fast, so you can get comfortable as you sit and play games.
  2. Open your chrome browser and search for Bluestacks. Download it from their official site. (To avoid spam and viruses, do not download it from anywhere else).
  3. Start the installation by opening the downloaded file and click the start button.
  4. Choose where you want to install and start the installation.
  5. Let it download the game engine and then provide a google ID to continue.
  6. Open the Play Store and search for Acapella from PicPlayPost.
  7. Click on Install and then click on Open.
  8. Enjoy using Acapella from PicPlayPost for PC.

Detailed Guide:

For any reason, if the app is not working for you? Or you are having issues while installing the emulator. This detailed guide is for you to follow.

Step 1: Don’t want to encounter any virus, here are the links to download the emulator from:

Step 2: You’ll get a small file after the download. Open that file to start the installation. Choose where you want to install the emulator and click Start.

Note: Disable the Windows Defender till the end of the installation to avoid any problems.

Step 3: After that, the emulator will download the game engine. That is required to run games and apps, so do not stop the download.

Step 4: After the downloading, you’ll be asked to enter the Google ID, provide on to continue.

Step 5: Open the Play Store from the My Games section and accept the terms & conditions.

Step 6: Search for Acapella from PicPlayPost on the Play Store, or click on this link.

Acapella from PicPlayPost

Step 7: Click on Install and then open, once the installation is over.

Step 8: Enjoy using Acapella from PicPlayPost for PC.

About Acapella from PicPlayPost for PC:

Before anything, you’ll have to calibrate your device to improve the synchronization. If you won’t do it the first time, you’ll be prompted to do it when you’ll record your first video. To do so, go to a quiet room and avoid external noises, only then you’ll be properly able to calibrate it. Make sure to wear a headset while recording for the best experience. And if you have an external mic, that’ll work even better.

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Then you can simply open the app and choose your layout. Then press the record button to start the recording. Once the recording if done, you can render and save the video. The longer the video is the more time it will take. Once it is saved, then you can share it with anyone you want.

Features of PicPlayPost for PC:

  • Record and sync your Acapella recordings progressively
  • Record up to 9 edges Acapella
  • Free metronome
  • Video playback after the first video is recorded
  • Save your Acapella to your Mixcord represent altering later
  • Team up with your companions

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