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How to Install All Tracker for PC:

Want to keep an eye on someone, but don’t want to peek or look. Well CCTV cams will help you a lot but they also invade privacy. People don’t want that kind of stuff in their hands, so the best part is to get notified if someone goes out of range. With a dozen of tracking apps available, All Tracker for PC might be the one you are looking for. Since this app starts notifying you as soon as the device goes away from the range. Just make sure to keep an active Bluetooth connection on your PC and you are good to go. Let’s see how we can install and use this app on a Windows PC and how well it works.

Quick Guide:

  1. Let’s start by downloading the Android emulator. There are tons of them available, but we prefer Bluestacks since it is the most stable one.
  2. Start the installation, choose where to install, and click start.
  3. Then you’ll see the emulator download the game engine. Once that is over, you can provide a Google account to continue.
  4. Then open the Play Store and search for All Tracker.
  5. Click on Install and click on open.
  6. Connect your device via Bluetooth and enjoy using All Tracker for PC.

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Detailed Guide:

Not all the times this above-mentioned guide will work for you. You’ll face some virus problems while installing the emulator. So to solve that, we have this detailed guide, follow and get everything sorted out.

Step1: Encountered a scam while downloading an emulator before? Here are the official links to download the emulators from:

Note: Gameloop is a little different than the others, so if you are new to this thing. Do not choose the Gameloop.

Step 2: Download and you’ll get a file of 2MB. Don’t worry, that is just the start. Open the file and you’ll see an interface that requires more downloading.

Step 3: So let the download begin. That’ll take some time as it is about 600MB in size. Do not stop any of the processes or you might have to start over.

Step 4: Once the download is over, the final installation will begin. Disable the Windows Defender to ensure a non-disturbed installation process.

Step 5: Provide a Google ID to continue using and open the Play Store.

Step 6: Search for All Tracker and click on Install.

All Tracker for PC

Step 7: Click on Open after the installation and enjoy using All Tracker for PC.

About All Tracker for PC:

This app is all about keeping a device under a certain distance. As soon as the device goes out of the range, you’ll be notified properly. That way, if you are at a party or somewhere you think your device will be stolen. This app is the best to keep with you. It works by connecting both the devices with Bluetooth. And as soon as the Bluetooth turns off by going far away. The app starts beeping and you’ll know.

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How All Tracker for PC works?

  1. Ues the All Tracker app to open Bluetooth and scan for devices.
  2. Once your desired device is found, tap on it.
  3. Then let the connection be made by accepting the connection on both sides.
  4. Once the connection is made, any device going out of range will trigger the alarm.
  5. You can either set alarm on the app or the phone or maybe both if you want.
  6. Also, you can open the app and check where your objects are. The app itself will make a sound to let you know.

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