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Free Download APCamera for PC:

While installing a wireless security camera, one needs to control it from a long-range. Even better, a direct connection would be perfect, so it is controllable from anywhere. However, not all apps are compatible with such a range, though some are, however, some limitations are there for them too. APCamera is customized for P2P IP cameras and it makes remote monitor and video calls easier than ever before. But if you are not a fan of using such stuff on mobile, just like me, then we have a perfect solution for you. Just follow below!

Let’s do this thing:

  1. Either you can install Remix OS on your PC, or you can use an Android emulator, your choice. Look over to Google for these.
  2. Once you have installed the Emulator and configured it (which happens automatically), proceed below.
  3. Open Play Store and enter a Google ID to continue.
  4. Then click the search bar and type APCamera.
  5. Click on the first result and click Install.
  6. Ta-Da, after the download and installation, you can use APCamera for PC.

Let’s Take it slow, just in case:

Step 1: Here are a couple of options, download either of these emulators, they’ll all work the same:

Step 2: Start the installation of the interface by clicking the .exe file.

Step 3: Once you’ll open the interface, it will trigger the main downloading. That’ll take some time as it is almost 500MB in size.

Step 4: Once that is over, the engine of the emulator will start installing, that’ll take time too.

Note: If you get any warning from antivirus while installation, disable the antivirus for a moment.

Step 5: After the installation, open the Emulator if it is not opened by itself.

Step 6: Click on the Play Store (that’ll be in the My App/Games section).

Step 7: Click on the Search Bar and type in APCamera.

APCamera for PC

Step 8: Click on Install and wait for the download.

Step 9: Once done, you can navigate back to the home screen and click on the APCamra icon.

Step 10: Connect the cam with it and you are done.

What is APCamera for PC?

APCamera is a surveillance app that is designed for P2P and IP cameras. Since most of the IP cameras don’t have a dedicated app of their own, users are kind of stuck with the 3rd party apps. However, with the advancement of technology, these 3rd party apps are getting better and better. If you want to keep an eye on your surroundings or your family or even in your office, this is the best app available.

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However, you need to install a compatible camera before this app. One that has wireless connection capability. Then you can connect that cam with your mobile or your PC and watch the live stream or record video. For the recording, you’ll need to insert a micro SD card in the camera and make sure to empty it every week.

How APCamera Works?

  1. Establishing a connection between the camera and the app is not that complicated.
  2. You’ll either have a small button on the camera or the Bluetooth or wifi will open automatically once the cam is on.
  3. Unlock your mobile or laptop and open the APCamera for PC.
  4. After that, search for the Bluetooth device or a wifi hotspot.
  5. Once, either of them is found, click on it to connect. You can set up a password after the first connection.
  6. You’ll start getting the streaming instantly, press the record button to start recording.
  7. You can even schedule the recording on the camera if you want.

Features of AP Camera for PC:

The best thing about APCamera is the option to add multiple cams and watch the live streams on them simultaneously. Moreover, you can add alerts to it, like motion detection or someone messing with the camera. The interface is easy to navigate and all the buttons are right there on the screen. You don’t have to open the setting or menu to do basic tasks.

Moreover, you can choose to record the videos to take screenshots right on your phone as well. And there is a dedicated Video/Picture button for you to navigate through the media you have recorded. Not only that, you can control your camera from the app as well. Pan it, rotate or tilt the cam as you want.

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