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How to Install CCS Link for PC:

Whether you are in an office or you are in your house. Surveillance monitoring is getting really important nowadays. You won’t know when you’ll need the footage to either capture a thug or that video might be evidence for your innocence. Moreover, keeping an eye on your office staff is good too. CCS Link for PC is an app that helps you in all these aspects and it is really easy to use. Moreover, you can install it on your Windows PC and watch everything on a bigger screen.

A Quick Guide:

  1. Open your browser and search for either Bluestacks or Knox App Player. Since these are the 2 best emulators that provide proper support for all the apps and games.
  2. Download either of them and run the downloaded file.
  3. Click on Install/Start to begin the game engine download. That is necessary to run apps and games.
  4. After that, you can provide a Google ID to continue. That is necessary to run the Play Store.
  5. Open the Play store and search for CCS Link.
  6. Click on Install.
  7. Click on Open after the installation.
  8. Enjoy using CCS Link for PC.

Detailed Guide:

Step 1: You don’t want to do the effort of searching the emulators yourself? Well here are the links to download them, though choose only one:

Step 2: After downloading the file, double-click it to start the installation.

Step 3: Then you’ll either have a Start button or an Install button. Click on it to continue the process.

Step 4: That’ll trigger the extra downloading required to run the game engine. Do not stop the process, otherwise, you’ll have to do that again.

Step 5: Once the downloading is over, you can open the Emulator’s settings and set the configuration.

Note: By any chance, if you see any pop-up from the Windows Defender, disable it till the installation is over.

Step 6: Then you’ll need to provide a Google ID to continue. After that, open the Play store.

Step 7: Search for CCS Link and click on Install.

CCS Link for PC

Step 8: Click on Open after the installation and enjoy using CCS Link for PC.

About CCS Link for PC:

One of the things that every other manager wants is to keep an eye on his employees. But they can’t do it all the time! Since the cameras installed are operated within the office premises. However, there are other ways to check everything while sitting at home or in the car. CCS Link is an app that lets you monitor everything right where you are sitting. Not only that, you can even talk to people you are monitoring.

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If your camera offers two-way communication, then yes you can talk to your employees. Record a video and watch it right on the app itself. Or you can choose to watch the live stream, the quality depends on the camera and your internet connection. Yes, you’ll need an active internet connection, but not the same one to watch the stream. Even your 3G/4G will work fine for the streaming as long as they are stable.

Features of CCS Link for PC:

  • View the continuous video transfer through network
  • Preview for continuous video transfer on screen
  • Record the continuous video transfer on screen
  • Backing PTZ control (pivot the top of the cameras and so forth)
  • Play the video in SD Card in the camera
  • Time region Settings and cell phone time Synchronization
  • Move recognition caution and GPIO trigger alert report
  • Offer picture to companions
  • Video record-setting for cameras
  • Various video sees on one screen
  • Video sees Zoom In and Zoom Out

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