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How to Install EyeInCloud for PC:

EyeInCloud is a surveillance app that lets you control your DVR via a mobile phone. Since nowadays, security is a top priority for everyone and we all need a portable camera. Back in the day, you need to install a separate PC if you want to set up a surveillance camera. But now, it is all done on your mobile phone. Still, if you want to know how these apps can work on PC? We have this huge guide to help you install EyeInCloud for PC. You just need a PC running Windows and an Android emulator, which we will provide below.

Quick Guide:

  1. We can start the guide by downloading the emulator. Search for Bluestacks over the web and download it from their official site.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file and it will open the interface of the Emulator.
  3. Let the emulator download the rest of the stuff. 600MB for the game engine.
  4. After that, open the Emulator’s settings and configure it as you like.
  5. Once that is over, provide a Google ID to continue using it.
  6. Open the Play Store from the My Games section.
  7. Search for EyeInCloud and click on Install.
  8. Click on Open after the installation and enjoy using EyeInCloud for PC.

Detailed Guide:

Step 1: So, you can’t able to find a proper link to download Bluestacks. Cuz there were lots of fake links or ads that are messing with you? Don’t worry we have given the download links below:

Step 2: Choose only one among the emulators! If you are new to this, choose Bluestacks as it is the best among all.

Step 3: Download the desired emulator and open the downloaded file. That’ll open the interface of the emulator.

Step 4: Then the emulator will download the game engine. That’ll take some time as it is about 600MB in size. But that is necessary to run games and apps.

Note: Disable the Windows Defender until the installation is over. Cuz it might interrupt the download.

Step 5: Once the download is over, the emulator will finalize the installation. Then you can configure the emulator as you like.

Step 6: Open the Play store from the My Games section. Provide a Google ID to continue using it.

Step 7: Search for EyeInCloud and click on Install.

EyeInCloud for PC

Step 8: After the installation, click on Open and enjoy using EyeInCloud for PC.

About EyeInCloud for PC:

Want to control your DVR or PTZ cameras via your Mobile Phone? Looking to make surveillance portable for you? But can’t able to find the desired application. Or are you looking for an easy app that works on your Windows PC? EyeInCloud has everything you want! An easy-to-use app that lets you take control of your video surveillance. It supports all the DVR and PTZ cameras along with the standard  H.265 video codec.

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The app also offers video playback, so you can record and watch videos anytime you want. Along with that, we also have live stream support. The best part that the app works from anywhere, as long as the cam and the devices are both connected to an internet connection. No! they don’t have to be on the same connection, just an active internet connection. You can watch your office live stream while sitting in your bed.

Cons of EyeInCloud:

  • If it won’t work for you, you’ll have to spend lots of time with support.
  • The random offline bug that puts your app to sleep mode all of a sudden.
  • Sometimes the app won’t work at all, you’ll see a black screen or random crashes.

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