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How to Install Face App Lock for PC:

Nowadays, every good smartphone has a face lock. Where you can set your face as security to unlock the phone. It is cool and secure, but sometimes a matching face can unlock your device. But if you are tired of using pins and passwords on your lock screen? Then this Face App Lock for PC is the app that can help you a lot. As it can set your face as security on your lock screen so every time you want to unlock, you’ll just have to stare at your screen.

Simple as it sounds but it has its own risks. First of all, if anyone has a similar face to yours, he/she can unlock your device easily. Moreover, if you make slight changes to your face, your device won’t detect it. But if you still want to try this app, we have 2 tutorials for you. Follow below and see how you can install Face App Lock for PC on a Windows PC.

Quick Guide for Pros:

  1. Open your browser and search for Bluestacks.
  2. Download it from their official site so you won’t face any scams or malware.
  3. Open the downloaded file and press the start button to continue.
  4. Let the emulator download the game engine. You can relax till then.
  5. Provide a Google ID to finish the installation.
  6. Then, open the Play Store and search for Face App Lock.
  7. Click on Install and after that click on Open.
  8. Start using Face App Lock for PC.

Detailed Guide:

Face App Lock for PC

In case if you can’t able to get what happened above? This detailed guide is for you, so you won’t face any issues or problems while installing the emulator or the app. You can skip the installation step if you have done it already.

Step 1: Download one of these emulators from below. In case if you can’t able to find one over the web:

Step 2: Open the small downloaded file and press the Install button to start the installation.

Note: Disable the Windows Defender till the end of the installation to avoid any interference

Step 3: Then the emulator requires downloading the game engine that is about 600MB in size, so be patient.

Step 4: Once that download is over, the emulator will finalize the installation. For that, you’ll need to provide a Google ID.

Step 5: Open the Play Store from the My Games section and agree to Terms and Conditions to continue.

Step 6: Click on the search bar and type in Face App Lock

Step 7: Then click on the Install button and after the installation, click on Open.

Step 8: If the app won’t open, navigate back to My Games, locate the app icon, and click on it.

Step 9: Voila! enjoy using Face App Lock for PC.

How to Use Face App Lock for PC?

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  1. Train your face.
  2. Just push on the train face button and it will do automatically later to recognize your face
  3. Set password
  4. Tick enable app lock.

About Face App Lock for PC:

The fastest way to unlock your device is via that fingerprint scanner. However, there comes a time when your hands or fingers are dirty. And you can’t unlock your device cuz of that single reason. So what you need is a way to unlock it without touching it. Thus this Face App Lock is what you need to get rid of such problems. Just register your face, wake your device and look at it, then the screen is unlocked. Keep in mind that you have to activate your device first and then it will work.

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