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How to Install iCrew Mobile for PC:

A digital world where everything is right in your hands is quite a blessing. You can check your routes and the timings of when your flight will leave. But they are all available for the general public, those who are getting services. But what about those who are providing the service, there should be an app for them to regulate their timing. iCrew Mobile for PC is for those who are in-flight crew, they can check the timings and the pickup locations along with lots of other services.

Quick Installation Guide:

  1. This app is also not available on the Play Store, thus we gonna need an Apk file for this.
  2. So go ahead and download Bluestacks. Make sure to use their official site.
  3. Download the iCrew Mobile apk file from any authenticated apk site.
  4. Install Bluestacks and configure it.
  5. Enter the Google ID if it asks for one to continue.
  6. Double click the Apk file to start the installation.
  7. Once done, open Emulator, locate the app, and enjoy iCrew Mobile for PC.

Detailed Installation Guide:

Step 1: İlk önce, download one of these emulators below, they work the same way. But there are some differences that I’ll share below.

Step 2: Download the iCrew Mobile apk and save it somewhere you’ll remember.

Step 3: Double-Click the Installation file for the emulator and it will take you to the initial interface.

Step 4: Then the whole emulator will start downloading. Which will take some time as it has almost 600MB in size.

Step 5: Once that is over, you can either configure the settings as you like or you can let the Emulator figure it out.

Step 6: After that, if you are not using Gameloop, then you’ll have to provide the Google ID to continue.

Step 7: Now you’ll have 2 choices to start the Apk installation.

  1. Drag and drop the Apk file to the emulator.
  2. Double-Click the Apk file to start the installation

Step 8: In either case, once the installation is over! You’ll have to navigate to the My Apps section in the emulator.

Step 9: Search for the app icon, click on it and enjoy iCrew Mobile for PC.

About iCrew Mobile for PC:

iCrew Mobile for PC

Umm, this is not a regular app for common users. So if you are just here to check for this, you can leave as it doesn’t concern you. But if you are a crew member of a flight team, then YES! this app is all you need. However, iCrew Mobile supports Delta Airlines, for now, more airlines are to add to the app soon. This app provides all the information a flight crew needs. Open time, flight and gate changes, weather and HD radar, hotel and layover information, and more.

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All they need is to enter their ID and their entire schedule is right in their hands. They can even alter the timings in case of any delay or emergency. Or they can inform their supervisors and the app will automatically alter the timings. Moreover, this app is not restricted to the daily schedules only. Your whole month schedule is added to the app. So a crew member better not get sick in such timings, otherwise, there will be problems.

Features of iCrew Mobile for PC:

  • Open Time. Search, compare, and make swaps and pickups.
  • View schedule, METAR, and layover information, even while offline.
  • See flight and gate change updates via Flight Aware.
  • See the tail number and inbound flight status.
  • Use free HD radar maps via MyRadar.
  • Get hotel and layover information via MyCrewGuide.
  • Experience a native Android app that syncs directly with your Google calendar.

How iCrew Mobile for PC works?

After the download, you’ll be given a 45days trial. After that, you have to pay $2.99 to get additional 30days. That might sound expensive, but if you have a month free, you don’t need to subscribe. There is no auto-billing by default, so no need to worry about auto deduction.

Once you open the app, you’ll need to create an account on it. After that every time you log-in, your details are automatically updated in it. All the time of your flight and the flight details are updated automatically from the company. The pickup points and the drop off is added with all the details about the weather and the condition you are landing there. You’ll be notified by the app a day before and on the day of departure.

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