iMega Cam for PC – Windows & Mac – Free Download

iMega Cam for PC – Windows & Mac:

  1. Download & Install an Android Emulator – Bluestacks, Nox Player.

  2. Using your G-Mail ID to login, so you can access the Play Store (Use your primary ID, unless you want to spam)

  3. Open Play Store and Search for iMega Cam.

  4. Click on Install and Wait.

  5. Close Play Store, navigate to Home Screen, and open the iMega Cam app.

For those who love to see things in details, here is a more detailed version of these steps:

Step 1: You can download Android emulators from the respective sites:

Step 2: Download the .exe file and Double-Click on that file to start the installation.

Step 3: Once over, open the Emulator and let it download the Engine on which it will run the app or games (that process is automatic).

Note: Gameloop has its own app store and the rest uses Google Play Store.

Step 4: Open the Play Store and Search for iMega Cam.

iMega Cam for PC

Step 5: Tap on the Install Button and wait for the download. It will take a little time because of the emulator settings on not sucking all the internet.

Step 6: Once it is installed, Click the Arrow Key on the bottom right corner, which’ll take you back to the home screen.

Step 7: You’ll see the icon of iMega Cam for PC and you can click to open it.

Step 8: Attach your Lan Cable or Search for the Camera, since you can’t scan the code on Emulator.

Step 9: Your Video will be saved where you choose the location of your emulator.


Keep in mind: To increase the quality of your video, both your internet and your camera needs to be good.

What is iMega Cam for PC?

Want to take full control over your IP Camera, iMega Cam is one of the most convenient apps that you can ask for. Not only that you get the option to save the video on your phone. One can also take screenshots from the live feed that you are watching. Moreover, the option to pan, tilt, or zoom the video lets you take advantage of a bigger FOV. Although, this is only an app, don’t expect to get a camera with it if you download it. Also, you need to check whether your IP camera is compatible with this app or not. The time zone settings and mobile phone time sync let you schedule the recording time.

With new updates, you get notified on your mail, if you have any suspicious activity. However, you need to make sure that your device and this app both are allowed to send the notifications to your mail. Otherwise, the only notification you’ll get is the alert about adding the mail to the iMega Cam app. Moreover, you can connect your IP cam by scanning the QR code, which saves a lot of time, instead if you search for the device.

Why Choose iMega Cam?

One of the best reasons for choosing iMega cam is the perk of saving your videos directly to an SD card. That allows you to quickly transfer data between devices without any use of cable or wireless data apps. Moreover, nowadays, every other device has an option to put in an SD card! So, it won’t bother many people. And for the PC, a card-reader can always transfer data way faster than using a cable.

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And yes if you use a Hub Station, you can attach your cam via a Lan wire. That’ll decrease the stutter or loss that you’ll get over the wireless connection. Moreover, not only that you can also install this app on your PC and use it with much more convenience than on mobile.

Cons of iMega Cam:

It gets a little rusty to move the camera with swiping, an on-screen joystick would be better. Not all Android phones are properly compatible with this app, so some people might have issues with time and sync. You might get some issues while receiving the notifications on your mail even with “less secure apps” mode On. But still, if you want to install this app on your Laptop/Mac or Windows PC, continue ahead!

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