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How to Install Imou for PC:

With the fast-paced digital age, we are seeing companies releasing their own apps for their products. That way, users don’t have to rely on 3rd party apps to use their products. Back in the days, when we were stuck using 3rd party apps, there were a lot of problems. The biggest problem was the compatibility issue, not all the products were compatible with them and thus the entire purchase was lost. Nowadays, if you own Imou products, you can use this Imou for PC and make great use of your own products.

What it does is connects your device and then you can easily view the video on it. The location and the distance don’t matter, you can watch the live video from anywhere possible. Moreover, since this app can be used on PC as well, you can watch your home while working in your office. Without further ado, let’s install Imou for PC, on a windows platform and see how well it works. We have 2 different tutorials for you, follow the one you think is easy.

A Quick Guide:

  1. So let’s finish it quickly! Download an Android emulator, your choice, but we prefer Bluestack or Knox Player.
  2. Both of these emulators work fine, so choose either of them. Let the installation begin by opening the downloaded file.
  3. That’ll start the downloading of the game engine.
  4. Once that is over, you can open the Play Store from the My Games section.
  5. Search for Imou. Locate the app with Blackboard Inc. as a developer.
  6. Click on Install and after that, click on Open.
  7. Enjoy using Imou for PC.

Detailed Guide:

Imou for PC

So, here is the detailed tutorial, with all the download links as well as some issues that might arrive with the installation.

Step 1: Download one of these emulators. We chose them cuz they are the best ones available. With a few bugs and issues as possible.

Step 2: They all kind of work the same way. So let’s install them:

  1. Open the downloaded file and click on Install to being the game engine downloading. That is necessary to run games and apps. Do not stop the download, otherwise, you’ll have to do that again.
  2. Note: Disable the Antivirus or Windows Defender, if you get any threat alert from it. Enable it after the installation.
  3. Once that is over (which will take some time), you can configure the emulator as you like. And that’ll conclude the installation

Step 3: Now we need to install the app:

  1. Open the Play Store from the My Games/Apps section. Provide a Google account to continue if you haven’t already.
  2. Search for Imou and locate the app with Blackboard Inc. as a developer. Do not download any other app, otherwise, it will lose its purpose.
  3. Click on Install and wait for the download. After the installation, you can click on Open.
  4. Enjoy using Imou for PC.

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Features of Imou for PC:

  • Imou (formerly Lechange) is now on the web, the app’s name is changed to Imou to give a superior brand character, it upholds a wide range of Imou equipment item like wifi cameras, remote doorbells just as alert sensors, and so on.
  • It enables you to far off see your camera in any case your geological area. Additionally, message pop-up permits the camera alert you just when something happens.
  • It additionally offers distributed storage for cautions, each new user has one-month free preliminary for one channel.

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