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How to Install iScanner PDF Scanner App for PC:

Nowadays, everything is getting into the form of a soft copy. People love to share documents with each other so they can print them out anywhere. Moreover, some documents need scanning instead of sending a picture. So sharing in a PDF format with proper detail, so on a print, every letter is properly seen. But one can’t have a scanner with him all the time. So we have applications for such purposes and one of them is iScanner PDF Scanner App for PC. This app lets you scan any document and save it in PDF format for easy sharing. Without further ado, let’s install it on a PC and see how it works.

Quick Installation:

  1. Open Chrome or any other browser and search for Bluestacks.
  2. Download the installer and start the installation.
  3. The emulator will automatically start downloading the rest of the stuff. That is needed to run the games and apps on it. Do not stop or interrupt, otherwise, you’ll have to download it again.
  4. Once that is aside, you can enter the Google ID to continue. That is necessary to run Play Store.
  5. Open the Play Store and search for PDF Scanner App – Scan Documents with iScanner.
  6. After installation, Open the app and enjoy iScanner PDF Scanner App for PC.

Detailed Guide:

Step 1: Download one of these emulators from below. We Prefer bluestacks, but you can choose any.

Step 2: Install the Emulator by opening the downloaded file. Which will then trigger an additional download of 600MB.

Step 3: Once all the downloading is done, the emulator will do the final installation step. If you get any popup from the antivirus, make sure to disable it while the installation is happening.

Step 4: Then finally, we can open the emulator. Provide the Google ID to access the Play Store.

Step 5: Open the Play Store and enter the PDF Scanner App – Scan Documents with iScannerin the search bar.

iScanner PDF Scanner App for PC

Step 6: Click on Install > Open and enjoy iScanner PDF Scanner App for PC.

About iScanner PDF Scanner App for PC:

A PDF Scanner App that lets you scan any sort of document in PDF format and share it anywhere. The best part is that after scanning the AI of this app clear the whole picture so the entire text can be seen easily. No need to apply any filters! Moreover, the camera of this app automatically straightens the picture so no need to perfect the camera angle. And you can also attach multiple pdf files into one and send it as a whole.

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Apart from PFD, you can also export the files in JPEG as well as a TXT format. That way you can keep the files in small memory size. With just a single tap, scan as many documents as you want in the best quality possible. With the option to share of any platform you want, this one scanning app is all you need to share your documents.

Features of iScanner PDF Scanner App for PC:

  • Document scanner
  • Various scan modes
  • Electronic signature
  • Pin-protection
  • Text recognition (OCR).
  • Innovative pdf scanner
  • Handy document editor & multifunctional file manager
  • Easy document sharing

How to Use iScanner PDF Scanner App for PC:

  1. Open the app and allow the camera permissions.
  2. Put the document right in front of the camera.
  3. Tap the scan option and wait as the 4 sides of the page are detected. Then the camera will click the image.
  4. After that, the app will process the image into a black & white one. Or if you want, you can choose the colored image as well.
  5. Once done, you can either save the image on the device or share it with anyone.

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