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How to Install JYouPro for PC:

Due to the digital world, people are stuck sitting on chairs and doing nothing. This brings lots of health-related issues and heart problems for a lot of people. Weight gain has become another disease that is taking lots of lives. However, there are ways to get rid of this boring habit and the digital world is there to help you too. JYouPro for PC works like a digital bracelet, that can help you in regulating your exercise routine. Moreover, now that you can install it on your PC, you can monitor your progress as you work. Let’s install it on a PC and see how it works.

Quick Guide:

  1. Let’s finish this fast and quick. Download Bluestacks and start the installation.
  2. Let the emulator download the game engine, which is needed for the games and apps to run.
  3. Then we have to wait until the installation is over and configure the emulator.
  4. Once the configuration is done, then provide a Google ID to continue.
  5. Open the Play Store and search for JYouPro.
  6. Click on Install and then click on Open and enjoy using JYouPro for PC.

Detailed Guide:

So let’s say you got some errors while the installation. Or you just can’t able to get a proper download link for the emulator. So, scroll through this guide and see if it helps you or not?

Step 1: Here are the links to download the emulator:

Step 2: Open the file and click on Install/Start to begin the installation. That’ll start download additional data for the complete interface and the game engine.

Step 3: Once that is over, the emulator will finalize the installation. Disable the Antivirus till the installation is over. Only if it starts giving you warnings to stop the installation.

Step 4: After that, a prompt asking you for a Google account will pop. Provide one to continue further.

Step 5: Open the Play Store and search for JYouPro.

JYouPro for PC

Step 6: Click on install and after the installation, click on Open and enjoy using JYouPro for PC.

About JYouPro for PC:

Can’t able to afford a smartwatch for exercise, why not use your mobile as one. Back before Samsung was the best in business cuz of this. Since they had a Samsung health app, helping people in tracking their daily workout routine. But then we had smartwatches for such stuff, though not every brand had such an app. So 3rd party apps are the ones they can afford and JYouPro is the best one available.

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It has a free version and a paid one, you can check whether it suits you in the free version and then go after the paid one. Apart from recording your footsteps, it also measure your heartbeat and your sleeping schedule. Perfect if you are looking to change your routine to make yourself a little active than before. And if you are into news, then yes this app also provides news and the latest tech for fitness.

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