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How to Install KOLD News 13 for PC:

Despite that new generation are the prime users of this digital world. We can’t forget that some old people also take advantage of that. And one thing those people want is the arrival of news. Old school Newspaper is still on the run, but in the digital world, paper is not wasted. And thus people don’t have to chop down trees to create paper. If you are looking for a news app, whether for yourself or your parents, this KOLD News 13 for PC is a good app to try.

What this app does is that it provides you with all the daily highlights. You really don’t have to do anything as you’ll be notified of all the news. What better is that this app can even let you see videos on your device. Something that a newspaper can’t offer. Moreover, you can access reference links to get a clear idea of what you are reading about. So if you are ready to try KOLD News 13 for PC, follow below and see which one of our tutorials suits you the best.

Quick Tutorial:

  1. Let’s finish this quick, so you can enjoy watching movies and shows.
  2. Download Bluestacks from their official site. Since this one emulator supports such apps the best, you’ll have fewer problems while using this.
  3. Let the emulator download the extra stuff and be configured as it likes.
  4. Provide a Google ID to continue using the Emulator.
  5. Open the Play Store and search for KOLD News 13.
  6. Click on Install > Open and enjoy using KOLD News 13 for PC.

Detailed Guide:

KOLD News 13 for PC

Every service pack of windows treats the emulator in a different way. So there are times when the Windows Defender, treats it as a virus. This detailed guide will show you how you can get rid of this problem and install the emulator smoothly.

Step 1: These are the official links to download the emulator from. Choose only one of them:

Note: Gameloop operates in a different way since it is built specifically for PUBGM. The rest of the emulators are built for general purposes, so they all work the same.

Step 2: After you press install/start, the emulator will download extra MBs for the Game Engine. That engine runs games and apps and it will be required by all the emulators.

Step 3: While the emulator runs the final steps, the Windows Defender might treat it as a virus. So, disable it till the installation is over.

Step 4: Once the installation is over, you’ll be asked to enter the Google ID to continue. Except for Gameloop, there you’ll provide the ID only if you open the Play Store. Since it has its own Game Store, you won’t be needing to access the Play Store for Games.

Step 5: After that open the Play Store and search for KOLD News 13.

Step 6: Click on Install, after the installation, click on Open.

Step 7: Enjoy using KOLD News 13 for PC.

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Features of KOLD News 13 for PC:

  • Nearby, Regional and National inclusion.
  • Real-time breaking news alarms so you can follow stories as they happen.
  • Deep climate forecast information.
  • Contribute your accounts, pictures, and video to TucsonNewsNow by transferring straightforwardly from your cell phone.
  • Side menu plate route for speedy admittance to the news you need.
  • Live Streaming help on 4.x devices (Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean)
  • Universal app for phone and tablet devices (tablets incorporate multi-sheet perusing).

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