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Free Download Live Transcribe and Sound Notifications for PC:

Even those who are deaf or have hearing problems want to hear and listen to things. There are many hearing aids available for quite a time. But now things are changing a little bit. Instead of using those hearing aids, people can use their phones. It might not work the same way as a hearing aid, but it will intensify the experience. Live Transcribe and Sound Notifications for PC helps those who have hearing problems by triggering the phone in case of any sound event. Let’s install this app on a PC and see how it works.

Quick Guide:

  1. Let’s get this thing done and be over with.
  2. Launch your browser and search for an Android Emulator.
  3. Most probably, you’ll get Bluestacks or Nox App Player.
  4. Download either of them and install it.
  5. Let the emulator download the additional data.
  6. After that let it configure itself based on your PC specs.
  7. Once that is over, open the Play Store > Provide Google ID and search for Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications.
  8. Click on Install > Open and enjoy Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications for PC.

Detailed Guide:

Wanna clear all the problems and finish the tutorial without any errors, follow this guide:

Step 1: No need to open your browser just click on the following links. But choose only one of these emulators from below:

Step 2: You’ll download a small file of 2-3MB, instead of the entire emulator.

Step 3: Once you run the small file, the additional data will download. Which will be about 500-600MB in size, be patient and don’t interrupt the process.

Note: In case if the Antivirus starts interrupting, make sure to disable it. Once the installation is done, you can enable it.

Step 4: Once the whole process is over, you’ll be asked to enter the Google ID. That is necessary to access the Play Store.

Step 5: Open the Play Store and enter Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications and click on Install.

Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications

Step 6: Be Patient till the installation is done and click Open.

Step 7: Enjoy Live Transcribe and Sound Notifications for PC.

About Live Transcribe and Sound Notifications for PC:

We all usually hate Google Speach recognition, but for some, it is mana from heaven. Like it can help deaf people and those with hearing disabilities to understand what is going on. However. that one feature itself is not as good as it should be. Some 3rd party apps took it to a whole new level. One of them is Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications that notifies you anytime there is a sound event. That way people can know what is going around them even if they can’t hear it.

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Although people need to practice a little bit with this app to overcome all complications. Cuz at first it is not that easy to get together with it, but once you get a hang, this app is all you need. Although you might need to provide some permissions for the app to work. Here is the workflow:

  1. Open the Device settings.
  2. Navigate to Accessibility, then tap the Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications app.
  3. Click access services and permission for it to work.

Features of Live Transcribe and Sound Notifications for PC:

  • Transcribes in real-time. Text appears on your phone as words are spoken.
  • Accurately captures the nuances of how words are used in context.
  • Choose from over 80 languages and dialects, and quickly switch between two languages.
  • Add custom words that you use frequently, like names or household items.
  • Set your phone to vibrate when someone says your name.
  • Type responses in your conversation.
  • Bring up your phone’s keyboard and type your words for a continuous dialogue. Transcriptions still appear while you type.
  • See the volume of the speaker’s voice compared to the loudness in your environment. You can use this sound indicator to adjust your volume when you speak.
  • Use external microphones found in wired headsets, Bluetooth headsets, and USB mics for better audio reception.

How Live Transcribe and Sound Notifications for PC works?

With real-time transcription of over 80 languages, a single tap can switch between multiple languages. Once you have understood the message, reply using your own words. You’ll receive notifications when a sound is triggered. Especially when someone mentions you anywhere, you’ll be notified to answer that.

Save the transcription for over 3 days as an archive for chats to keep track of what was happening. And with a timeline view, you can check all the conversations and activities in a plane.

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