Moan Chan for PC | Free Download | Anime girls & cute faces you can touch

How to Install Moan Chan for PC:

If you have been watching anime? Then you’ll know that it gets weird at some point. I mean all of a sudden some cute kid saying “Onee-Chan” does get quite creepy. But that is not all, when it comes to games and apps, Anime is even weirder. One thing that every other “sauce” guy wants is to have anime girls making weird noises. So here it is, Moan Chan for PC is an app that does the job pretty well. Just touch the face of the character in front and listen to the noises they make.

You have multiple characters to choose from and multiple actions to choose from as well. Now you have the power to either make people laugh or create awkward situations in the public. The best thing is that you can give your device to someone else and let them poke the character. Now that you can install Moan Chan for PC on a Windows System! Things are even more hilarious and funny. Without further ado, let us continue, we have 2 different tutorials for you, follow the one you think is easy.

Quick Installation Guide:

  1. Here is a quick installation guide that’ll help you finish the job in seconds. Only if you have very fast internet.
  2. Open your browser and search for Bluestacks. Download it from their official site to avoid malware.
  3. Download the Moan Chan – Anime girls & cute faces you can touch Apk and save it anywhere.
  4. Install Bluestacks and let the entire downloading finish. Then let the bluestacks configure itself, which might require restarting the emulator.
  5. After that, you can either double-click the apk file or drag and drop the Apk file on the emulator.
  6. Once the installation is over, open bluestacks and enjoy Moan Chan for PC.

Detailed Guide:

If you are confused about some steps from above? Here is a detailed guide with solutions to problems that you might face while following the process.

Step 1: Download one of these emulators to start the process.

Step 2: Download the Moan Chan – Anime girls & cute faces you can touch Apk and save it on your desktop for ease.

Step 3: Double-click the installation file to open the emulator interface.

Step 4: There you’ll see the emulator automatically downloading the rest of the files. Do disable the Antivirus if you see any pop-up indicating the threat.

Step 5: That brings us to the configuration of the emulator. Which is an automatic process if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Step 6: After that, you have 2 options to install the Apk file:

  1. Drag and drop the Apk file to the emulator.
  2. Double-Click the Apk file to start the installation

Step 7: Whatever option you’ll choose, it will take time to install.

Step 8: Once done open the Emulator and navigate to the My Apps/Games section.

Step 9: There you’ll find it, click on it and start using Moan Chan for PC.

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About Moan Chan for PC:

If you are a mangas & animes lover, you like ahegao faces, you want to trick your friends & family or you just want to have fun while poking your phone & tablet, well… this app is made for you! These interactive characters are moaning when you touch them, making sounds that can make people laugh or create awkward situations in public. You choose how you want to use it. Enjoy!

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