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How to Download Paycom for PC:

Since many services providers are doing their best to provide services to companies. There comes a time when all these services require an app to make sure they work fine. So those who are subscribed to their services can avail all the features of the app they are offering. Paycom offers Paycom’s HR and payroll technology at work. And if you are using their services then this Paycom app is the one thing that you should have installed.

And if you are among those who want to use this app on their PC. We have 2 different tutorials that can help you install this app on your PC. However, you’ll be needing a Windows PC to run these apps on your PC. Without further ado, let’s continue to install Paycom for PC and see how well it works.

Small Guide:

  1. Open your web browser and search for Bluestacks. Make sure to download it from their official site.
  2. Start the installation by opening the downloaded file.
  3. The emulator needs an additional downloading of 600MB for the engine to work.
  4. Wait till it is downloaded. Open the Emulator after that and enter a Google ID if asked for one.
  5. Then you can access the Play Store from the My Games section.
  6. Search for Paycom and click on Install.
  7. After installation, click on Open and Enjoy Paycom for PC.

Detailed Guide:

Many people face errors while installing something new. So, this detailed guide will also cover all the issues that you can find while installing.

Step 1: If you are not sure where to download the Emulators from? Here are the official Links:

Note: Apart from Gameloop, all the other emulators require a Google ID to start. However, to access the Play Services, they all need a Google account.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and you’ll see the Install button. Click on it and you’ll see the emulator downloading extra stuff. Wait till it is done.

Step 3: Then the rest of the installation begins. Disable the Antivirus if you see any message from it. Otherwise, it won’t let you install the emulator.

Step 4: Once that is aside, you need to open the Emulator and access the Play Store. The dedicated app is available in the My Games section.

Step 5: Open the Play Store and search for Paycom.

Paycom for PC

Step 6: Click on Install and after the click on Open and start using Paycom for PC.

About Paycom for PC:

Paycom puts the power of Paycom’s Employee Self-Service technology on your mobile device. However, these self-service features must be enabled by the administration of your company. Since all the data is in their hands and they get to provide you the rights to use your account. So in case of any problems, you can contact your admin or the one operating your accounts. Your personal data is accessible anytime you want, and with this app, it is on top of your fingerprints.

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You can input your working hours and how much work you have done. Along with what work is left and whose is offering shifts. So in case if one employee is not working, you can take their shift. With an expense tab, you don’t need to keep the expense receipts with you. Now everything is saved in your account and you can access it anytime you want.

Features of Paycom for PC:

  • Access your data
  • Accurate timekeeping
  • Defeat the receipt
  • Learn at your pace
  • Mileage tracker
  • Approvals from anywhere

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