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How to Install PlayStation App for PC:

Before we start this, let me tell you that this won’t let you play games on it. Instead, this app is all about knowing what is going on in your PlayStation world. You can see your progress and who is online and playing what games. And the best part, you get to install this on your PC running Windows OS. That way you get to enjoy watching movies while keeping track of who is about to ditch you for a game. Without further ado, let’s continue to install PlayStation App for PC.

A Small Guide:

To get this app on your PC, you’ll need an Emulator. Since we prefer Bluestacks, so we’ll start with that one.

  1. Download Bluestacks from their official site. That is to avoid any sort of Spam.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation. That’ll download an additional 600MB, which will conclude the installation.
  3. Then you’ll need to provide a Google ID. This is necessary to run Google Play Services.
  4. Once that is set, open the Play Store from the My Games section.
  5. Search for PlayStation App.
  6. Click on Install and after installation, click on Open.
  7. Enjoy PlayStation App for PC.

Detailed Guide:

In case if you encountered any problem while installation, here is a detailed guide to fix all of them.

Step 1: Download one of these emulators from the below. Choose Bluestacks if you are doing this for the first time.

Step 2: The small file that’ll download! Double-click the file to start the installation.

Step 3: However, that won’t just start and finish. That small file will start downloading an additional 600MB of data.

Step 4: That’ll start the final step of installation. Disable the Windows Defender in case you get any error from it.

Step 5: After that, you can either configure the emulator yourself or let it happen automatically.

Step 6: Once that is over, provide a Google ID, when asked, so you can access the Play Services.

Step 7: Open the Play Store from the My Games/Apps section.

Step 8: Search for PlayStation App.

PlayStation App for PC

Step 9: Click on Install and Wait. Once it is over, open the app and enjoy PlayStation App for PC.

About PlayStation App for PC:

So you wanna stay connected to your PlayStation world even when you are not using it? Well, PlayStation App is here for this one thing. Anytime you wanna check what is happening there, just open the app. You’ll get to see who is online and playing what game. Moreover, you can chat with those who are online and stay updated with the news. Also, you can check the PlayStation store and see what new deals are there.

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Apart from just chats, you can also send a voice message to your online friends. Plan your next multiplayer session and see who’s gonna join you for that. Stay up to date with invitations via notifications every time you are connected to the internet. Now here is the fun part, you can schedule or start downloading a game on your console right from this app. Delete games from your console in case you are running short on storage.

Note: Account for PlayStation Network required to use this app

Features of PlayStation App for PC:

  • Connect with friends
  • Discover new games and the latest news
  • Control your console wherever you are

Cons of PlayStation App for PC:

  • The app is buggy despite having a nice UI.
  • Messenger and notifications are quite late in arriving and sending.
  • The new update is bringing lots of bugs.
  • Can’t able to order properly.

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