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How to Install Revunote for Evernote for PC:

I dunno how many of you have used the Evernote app. But if you like to take notes of everything, this app is your best partner. Unlike other Document-based apps, Evernote is plain and simple but does its job very well. And with Revunote for Evernote for PC, you can keep track of everything, right in your palm. This small little app can bring all the knowledge you saved in your app, right in your hands. And the best part, you can install this app on your PC as well, any pc with either Windows or Mac operating system.

A Quick Guide:

So this is a quick guide to install Revunote for Evernote for PC. If you are not satisfied with this, you can proceed ahead and check the detailed guide.

  1. Open the browser and search for Bluestacks. Since it is the most recommended one, we’ll go with this.
  2. So after downloading the emulator, download the Revunote for Evernote apk as well. Since this app is not available on the Play Store, we have to use the apk.
  3. Start the installation of the Bluestacks. Since it requires an additional downloading of 600MB, it will take some time to download.
  4. Once the Bluestacks is installed, you’ll see its icon on the Apk file that you have downloaded.
  5. Double-Click the Apk file to start the installation.
  6. Then navigate to the My Games section in Bluestacks and enjoy Revunote for Evernote for PC.

Detailed Guide:

If you miss anything in the guide above, here is a detailed guide that will help you solve any problem in the process.

Step 1: Here are the official links for the best emulators available. Download only one of them, if you haven’t already:

Step 2: You’ll be able to download a really small file of 2MB. Which will open the interface of the emulator.

Step 3: Then there is an additional 600MB of downloading required. That basically downloads the engine that runs games and apps.

Step 4: If during the installation of the emulator you’ll see any warning from the Windows Defender? Just disable it for a moment.

Step 5: Once that is aside, navigate to the link and download Revunote for Evernote ApkSince this app is not available on the Play Store.

Step 6: Then you have 2 ways to install that apk file.

  1. Drag and drop the Apk file on the Emulator.
  2. Double-Click the Apk file to start the installation.

Step 7: In either case, it will take some time for the installation. Since first the Apk is verified and then installed.

Step 8: Once done, you can navigate to the My Games section and start using the Revunote for Evernote for PC.

About Revunote for Evernote for PC:

Revunote for Evernote is not the Evernote app itself! But a side app to let you handle and check your Evernote app. You can view all your Evernotes entries in this app. Moreover, you can tag your Evernotes and check them any time you want. All your notes are right in your hands and you can do much more with them. You can review all your notes and once done, you can swipe to confirm it. Keep reviewing the notes until you are done with them.

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Especially if you are using Evernote for study, Revunote is your best companion. All the valuable knowledge is at your fingertips. Choose your preferred fields and start exploring and learning about it. Also, you get to spend less time cramming and study more efficiently.

Features of Revunote for Evernote for PC:

  • Synchronises with your Evernote account.
  • Drives a review cycle
  • All your notes for review in one place.
  • Open the original note in Evernote.
  • Swipe (right) to indicate learn or review done.
  • Swipe (left) to return a note to ‘learn’ status.
  • Retains review status.
  • Daily notification of your reviews.

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