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How to Install Rutificador for PC:

So there are times when you want to know where someone is. And thanks to the data selling companies, especially the tech giants, we are easily found. Back in old days, people use phone books to see whether a person lives in that area or not. Nowadays, they use apps to check whether a person lives in that area or not. And one of these apps is Rutificador for PC. Although it only works for Chile, only if that person has RTU. So, let’s install this app on a windows-based PC and see how it works.

A quick guide:

  • Open your browser and search for Bluestacks. Since we need an Android emulator to run these apps and games.
  • Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation. Click on Install/Start to open the interface of the emulator.
  • Let the emulator download the rest of the stuff. That also includes the game engine to run games and apps on the emulator.
  • Once the download is over, the emulator will finalize the installation. Then you’ll have to restart the emulator.
  • After that provide a Google ID to continue using Bluestacks.
  • Open Play Store from the My Apps section and search for Rutificador.
  • Click on Install > Open and enjoy using Rutificador for PC.

Detailed Guide:

In Case if you experience any issue while installing the emulator. Or if the Windows defender tries to mess up with the installation. This detailed guide will help you in fixing these problems in no time at all.

Step 1: Download one of these emulators below. In the end, all of them work the same way, so choose anyone you like.

Note: Gameloop is a little different than the others, so if you are new to this thing. Do not choose the Gameloop.

Step 2: Download and you’ll get a file of 2MB. Don’t worry, that is just the start. Open the file and you’ll see an interface that requires more downloading.

Step 3: So let the download begin. That’ll take some time as it is about 600MB in size. Do not stop any of the processes or you might have to start over.

Step 4: Once the download is over, the final installation will begin. Disable the Windows Defender to ensure a non-disturbed installation process.

Step 5: Provide a Google ID to continue using and open the Play Store.

Step 6: Search for Rutificador and click on Install.

Rutificador for PC

Step 7: Click on Open after the installation and enjoy using Rutificador for PC.

About Rutificador for PC:

In this vast world of the internet, nothing is secure. As soon as you own anything with an IC in it, boom you are being tracked. And since we all love to use the free internet, that freedom costs us ourselves. We all know that our data is being sold to companies for advertisement or any other use. Rutificador proves that our data is used to track us both in the digital world as well as the real world.

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Now if you are living in Chile and also have a RUT? Then my friend anyone can track you using this app. All they need is to enter the RUT number in the app and Boom!. They can track everything about you. Where you are living, where you have been, or what is your number and ID, etc.

Cons of Rutificador for PC:

  • The biggest con is that they don’t erase your data from the app. Even if you contact their support.
  • And the worst part is that the app doesn’t work properly, all the time.

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