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Free Download Samsung SmartCam for PC:

I dunno why Samsung is there in this app’s name. Cuz this app has nothing to do with Samsung but Hanwha Techwin’s home monitoring system. If you own any of their products, then this app can provide you live stream and 2-way audio communication. That means you can talk to anyone sitting in the room and they can talk back as well. That way you can warn them and keep an eye on them, even if you are not there. So let’s install Samsung SmartCam for PC and see how well it works on an Android emulator.

Quick Guide:

  1. Let’s continue by downloading the emulator. There are tons of them available, but we prefer bluestacks.
  2. You can start the installation by running the downloaded file. Then choose the installation location and then press start.
  3. Let the emulator download the game engine, that’ll take time cuz of its size.
  4. Provide the Google ID after the download to access the Play Store.
  5. Open the Play Store and search for Samsung SmartCam.
  6. Click on Install and open the app after the installation.
  7. Enjoy using Samsung SmartCam for PC.

Detailed Guide:

One problem that you’ll most likely face while installing an emulator is the Windows Defender. So, this detailed guide will help you get over this problem and any other while installing the emulator.

Step 1: Here are the links to download the emulator from. If you don’t want to search them yourselves:

Step 2: You can start the installation by opening the download file. That’ll let you choose where to install or you can let the location be the default.

Note: Probably best if you disable the Windows Defender to avoid any interruption in the installation

Step 3: The next step is automatic, let the emulator finish downloading the game engine.

Step 4: After that, you’ll be asked to provide a google ID, so give one to access the Play Store.

Step 5: Navigate to the My Games section and open the Play Store.

Step 6: Accept the Terms & Conditions to continue.

Step 7: Search for Samsung SmartCam.

Samsung SmartCam for PC

Step 8: Click on Install and wait.

Step 9: Click the Open button after the installation and enjoy using Samsung SmartCam for PC.

About Samsung SmartCam for PC:

So this app is all about controlling your Wifi cams. But what it provides is more than others app. The 2-way communication is the best feature in it and that too with clear audio. You can talk to your employees and they can talk back as well. Just sit in your house and monitor everything. Moreover, you can watch the live stream and even record videos. The videos are recorded in the mobile storage or you can choose to record them within the camera sd card.

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Supported models are added with every update, so you don’t have to worry about the latest models. Keep in mind that this app is specifically for Hanwha Techwin’s home monitoring product. The recommended devices are from Samsung but you can try this app on any device you own. The only drawback is the random offline when you stop seeing footage from the camera.

Features of Samsung SmartCam for PC:

  • View Live Video
  • Supported format: H.264
  • Event alarm notification service
  • Easy video monitoring in the 3G mobile and Wi-Fi environment
  • Two-way audio communication

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