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How to Install SmartNews for PC:

News is all over the web nowadays. However, certain news is available on their specific platform rather than on the internet. So, in order to hear about them first, we need to get our hands on that specific platform. Using TV for just news is not a trend nowadays, people use apps to get news. And that is better since you’ll be notified about the news before. We have this SmartNews for PC app for you to install on your PC/Laptop. That way you’ll be notified about the news while you are working.

All you need is a Windows PC with an Android emulator installed and you are good to go. Moreover, we have 2 different tutorials for you to try. One of them is a detailed one and one is quite small. You can follow the one you think is easy for you. Without further ado, let’s continue to install SmartNews for PC and see how well it works for you.

Small Guide to quickly finish the job:

  1. Open Chrome or any other web browser that you have.
  2. Search for Bluestacks and download It from their official site.
  3. Open the downloaded file, choose where to install, and click start.
  4. Let it download the game engine and then you can provide a Google account to access the Google services.
  5. Open the Play Store and search for SmartNews: Local Breaking News.
  6. Click on the first result and then click on Install.
  7. After the installation, you can either click on Open or open the app from the My Games.
  8. Enjoy using SmartNews for PC.

Detailed Guide:

SmartNews for PC

Step 1: Download one of these emulators from below:

Step 2: Double-click the download file and choose where you want to install it. Then press start to begin the installation.

Step 3: Probably best if you disable the antivirus for a moment to let it install peacefully.

Step 4: Let the emulator download the game engine, which is an automatic process.

Step 5: Once that is over, you’ll be asked to enter a Google ID to continue. Provide your primary one or create a new one.

Step 6: Navigate to the My Games section and open the Play Store.

Step 7: Search for SmartNews: Local Breaking News and click on Install.

Step 8: After the installation, you can open and enjoy using SmartNews for PC.

About SmartNews for PC:

SmartNews is the award-winning news app downloaded by 40+ million readers in 100+ countries! SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to deliver the top trending news stories influencing the world right now.

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SmartNews delivers high-quality news headlines and breaking news from top news publishers: NBC News, MSNBC, USA Today, TIME, The Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, Quartz, The Verge, VICE, VOX, AP, Reuters, Buzzfeed, Fast Company, and more.

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