Toolbox for Minecraft PE for PC | Windows & Mac | Free Download

How to Install Toolbox for Minecraft PE for PC:

Every single-player game has some sort of apps to modify stuff in them. Since they are not connected to any server for live data transfer! One can easily manipulate resources in it and make the game easy for them. Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time. Even their pocket edition is above most games and there are tools to get rare stuff in it. Toolbox for Minecraft PE for PC is one of those tools that let you modify the app as you want. Let’s install it on a Windows PC and see what it has to offer.

Quick Guide:

Let’s install it as fast as we can and see whether it works properly or not.

  1. Download any Android emulator of your choice. Let’s try Knox App Player for this one.
  2. Make sure to download it from their official site. Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation.
  3. That’ll open the interface of the emulator. Which will then start the downloading of the game engine.
  4. After that, you can provide a Google account to continue using.
  5. Open the Play Store and search for Toolbox for Minecraft PE.
  6. Click on Install and open after the installation.
  7. Enjoy using Toolbox for Minecraft PE for PC.

Detailed Guide:

There are times when users face some issues while installing the emulator. Or they might now trust google with good results. So here we have this detailed guide for this purpose alone.

Step 1: Download one of these emulators from below:

Step 2: Start the installation by opening the downloaded file. That’ll open the interface of the emulator. Click on Start or Install to begin.

Step 3: Now you’ll see the emulator downloading an additional 600MB for the game engine. Do not stop this process, otherwise, you’ll have to do that again.

Step 4: Once that is over, you can let the emulator finalize the download. Disable the antivirus if it tries to stop the installation.

Step 5: You’ll be asked to provide a Google account! Add one so you can access the Play Store and other services.

Step 6: Open the Play Store from the My Games/Apps section and search for Toolbox for Minecraft PE.

Toolbox for Minecraft PE for PC

Step 7: Click on install and then open and enjoy Toolbox for Minecraft PE for PC.

About Toolbox for Minecraft PE for PC:

If you are interested in getting modified stuff in Minecraft for free? Then Toolbox for Minecraft PE is all that you need. Simply put, this app allows you to have items for yourself, just the way you want. All you need is to run this app, open your game and start modifying stuff as you like. Open the menu and select the items you want. This mod even gives you full brightness when you enter any cave. So, no more darkness my friend.

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Since the app is free, there are ads. Which are not a big problem, but there are times when after watching an ad, the game disconnects you from the server. This might be the only problem you’ll face, other than that, the app is perfect.

Features of Toolbox for Minecraft PE for PC:

  1. Missing a thing in Survival? Simply select it from the menu.
  2. Dark caverns will presently don’t be an issue if you enable Fullbright mode.
  3. Navigate effortlessly using the Minimap.
  4. Got burnt out on strolling each time you need to get a thing from the principal chest? Make a transport order!
  5. Can’t discover jewels for hours? Simply enact the X-Ray mode.
  6. Download this application and become an expert on Minecraft: Pocket Edition!
  7. Build complex constructions in innovative all the more effectively with Rapid Build and Reach

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