Twomon USB USB Monitor for PC | Free Download | Windows & Mac

How to Install Twomon USB USB Monitor for PC:

We all want to enjoy streaming media on a bigger screen. However, with mobiles being restricted to 7-inch size, one can’t get a better experience on a small screen. However, getting an HDMI and a monitor is an expensive option. Moreover, they don’t work most of the time and users end up disappointing themselves. But that is about to change as we have a good solution for you. If you are interested in making your smart device a monitor to do multiple stuff at the same time? Twomon USB USB Monitor for PC is all that you need.

Quick Guide:

  1. Launch your web browser and search for bluestacks.
  2. Download and Install it.
  3. Let it configure itself and enter Gmail ID what prompted.
  4. After that, open up the Play store.
  5. Search for Twomon USBUSB Monitor.
  6. Click on the First result and Click Install.
  7. Wait for the installation and once done, open Twomon USB USB Monitor for PC and enjoy

A Detailed Guide:

Step 1: First thing first, we need an Emulator, so download one from below.

Step 2: You’ll get a small file of almost 2MB, install it.

Step 3: That’ll take you to the interface of the emulator from where it will download the entire thing.

Step 4: That’ll take some time as it is almost 500MB in size.

Note: If you get any virus alert, just disable the antivirus for a moment.

Step 5: Once the downloading is done, let the emulator configure its setting based on your PC specs.

Step 6: After that, you can open the Play Store and enter your G-Mail ID.

Step 7: Click the search bar and type in Twomon USB – USB Monitor.

Twomon USB USB Monitor for PC

Step 8: Click on Install and wait.

Step 9: Once done, navigate back to the home screen and search for the new app icon.

Step 10: Enjoy using Twomon USB USB Monitor for PC.

About Twomon USB USB Monitor for PC:

An app that lets you transform your smartphone or tablet into a monitor. That lets you stream whatever is on your PC right on your smartphone screen. All you need is a USB cable and you are good to go. No complicated compatibility issues or streaming delay, get a genuine USB cable and nothing will interrupt you. It is convenient, it is fast and totally free, however, only for just one device.

If you want to add more devices, you’ll need to purchase the app. Make sure to meet the minimum requirements before purchasing, so you won’t get angry over it.

Features of Twomon USB USB Monitor for PC:

  • TwomonUSB is simple and fast.
  • By connecting with TwomonUSB the tablet and computer can be used as a dual monitor easily.
  • TwomonUSB is stable while using since it is not affected by any network.
  • TwomonUSB provides fast video play with an average of 40 frames/sec of smooth display output.

How Twomon USB USB Monitor for PC works?

What do you need to run this app?

  • Windows 7 + system display two or more + Number of monitors connected to the computer currently(All of the conditions applicable)
  • If you use a USB monitor (DisplayLink driver is in use)
  • Installing the Windows OS environment, the Virtual Machine

In order to use the Twomon as the main monitor, You need to set it to directly move to the desktop when you boot the computer. So, you need to delete the password or set the “automatic login”. Once all that is done, open the app on both mobile and PC, connect mobile to PC via USB. Once the app picks up the connection it will automatically start showing your desktop on the smartphone.

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