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How to Install UKG Pro for PC:

Employee Apps are the best when it comes to making a schedule of their work. Moreover, since these apps work both ways, the employee itself can update his/her tasks when necessary. Even better they can look for extra shifts or transfer their shifts to other people. If you are a part of Ultimate Kronos Group or about to become one? Then this UKG Pro for PC is a must app for you. Via this app, you can keep track of what shifts are available! And what to do if you are not interested in your shift.

Furthermore, since you can install this app on your PC as well. You can keep an eye on all the information and notifications while you use your laptop. No need to check your mobile again and again for this app. If you are interested in installing UKG Pro for PC, you can follow below and see how to do it. We have 2 different tutorials for you to try, follow the one you find easy, so you won’t be stuck in complicated problems.

A Quick Tutorial:

  1. Open Chrome and search for Bluestacks.
  2. Or if you don’t like bluestacks, go for Nox App Player.
  3. Download and install either of them, they’ll work in the same way.
  4. Once you are done with their installation! Either configure them as you want or let them be at peace.
  5. Open Play Store and enter your Google ID. This is necessary to open the Play Store.
  6. Search for UKG Pro and click on install.
  7. After that, click on Open and enjoy UKG Pro for PC.

Detailed Guide:

UKG Pro for PC

Step 1: Choose only one of these emulators from below:

Step 2: Download your favorite emulator and open the .exe file.

Step 3: After that start downloading the entire emulator. Which will take time as it is about 500-600MB in size.

Note: Don’t interrupt the download as it will start again.

Step 4: Once that is over, you’ll be given a quick guide on where the buttons and settings of the emulator are.

Step 5: After that, you can either let the emulator rest or change the configuration as you like.

Step 6: If you are asked to enter your Google ID, give one. You’ll need it either way when you have to access the Play Store.

Step 7: Click on the search bar and enter UKG Pro.

Step 8: Click on Install and then click on Open.

Step 9: Enjoy UKG Pro for PC.

About UKG Pro for PC:

Extreme Kronos Group’s UKG Pro portable app conveys moment and secure admittance to pertinent representative information and devices. Administrators can settle on informed choices and make a quick move with ongoing information synchronization.

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Representatives can rapidly get to their own HR and pay information, speak with colleagues, demand downtime, and the sky is the limit from there. The UKG Pro versatile app makes it simple for directors to react to worker demands with the capacity to get pop-up messages.

Problems with UKG Pro for PC:

  • Some people came across with a “wrong password” error all the time even though the password is correct. Once in the blue, it will let me log in but desktop online NOT THE APP.
  • You might have to sign in multiple times to clock in.
  • You reset your password, and when you return to the login screen and type in the password you JUST entered it says “Incorrect”
  • The one thing you have to do every day: punch in/out with time clock, goes like this: Open app> sign in> open time clock > get redirected to web page > wait for the browser to open >wait for the page to load > sign in AGAIN > initiate required(?) 2-factor verification> await text message with code for 2-factor verification> finish sign in>open time clock AGAIN > punch in. Quite a Disaster.

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