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How to Get Zooroom for PC:

If there is anything that got popular among the people in 2020, that is the video calling apps. And among many others, Zoom has made its way to the top. However, with the Zoom app comes a lot of them that are similar to it and one of them is Zooroom. You can call up to 12 people at the same time and have a video chat with them. With easy controls and interface, you won’t feel confused or lost while using this app.

Let’s get it done, Fast!

  1. Open your web browser and look for Bluestacks or Nox App Player.
  2. Download & Install it and log in using your ID. (Skip these steps, if you have done them before)
  3. Open Play Store and Search for Zooroom – Video Chat with Friends.
  4. Click on Install and wait.
  5. Now head back and open the Zooroom for PC to start using the app.

Or you can go slow if you want:

Here is the deal, no matter which emulator you download, they all work in the same way, so don’t be nervous.

Step 1: Open your Web Browser and search for an Android Emulator, if you don’t want that, here are a couple of options:

Note: Apart from Bluestacks, the rest only ask for Google ID when you open the Play Store. But for Bluestacks, you need to add the ID as soon as open it.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded the exe file, run it to install the interface of the emulator.

Step 3: After that, you’ll get to see the download of emulator Engine and the rest of the stuff. Which will then lead to the complete installation of the emulator.

Step 4: Now you need to open the Play Store, all these emulators already have it installed.

Step 5: Just log in using your Mail ID and you’ll be okay.

Step 6: Next, click the search bar and type in Zooroom.

Step 7: Click on Install and Wait.

Step 8: Once the button “Open” appears, click on it and you’ll see the app interface.

Step 9: Enjoy

About Zooroom for PC:

Zooroom is a video calling app that doesn’t require any registration. Just open the app, create a room, and invite people. The controls are easy to use and you can add up to 12 people in one room. However, since this is not a certified app, you can’t expect it to work well with a poor connection. If you want good quality audio and video, make sure to have a stable and fast conneciton.

Cons of Zooroom:

The biggest problem is the connection, you’ll be disconnected many times in the room. Sometimes, you can hear people, but the video will be stuck. Or the invite link you’ll share won’t be working properly. And if you won’t lock the room, those who’ll see your room open will enter. If you don’t want strangers to mess up your chat, make sure to put a pass or lock the room. So only those who have the link can enter.

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How Zooroom for PC works?

  1. Open the App and make sure that you set a pass for the Room.
  2. Create a Room and you’ll be given a link.
  3. Share that link with those you want to talk to.
  4. Start room and wait for them to enter.
  5. Enjoy

User’s Opinion about Zooroom:

Camera is not working for me. The whole image has lines and green bands and looks like interference. You can’t see anything in the image. It doesn’t give me any options to fix this or test the camera..

“Good app but the voice had too much echo Have been using this app for years now. It’s not as good as it used to be.”

I love this app, But I had to get an apk of it because it’s very hard to search for an existing room, There is supposed to be a search bar but I cannot see one. Also, I hate the fact that unless you lock the room strangers can join but if you lock the room friends that you actually know cant join.

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